Aug 17, 2021


by Klaxon

Drunknarwhal🌸: First of all thanks for doing this I know there are a lot of people excited about this AMA – including myself. KuDOS is definitely one of the most interesting OG projects on KCC. In fact it’s probably one of the first projects I heard about when I moved into this space. I know the team is quite busy so it’s awesome that you carved out some time for us!

KuDOS | KEX: Thank you πŸ™‚ We are also happy to have this opportunity to get in touch with the community

Drunknarwhal🌸: First question I always like to ask is the team background! What experience do you all have in the crypto space?

KuDOS | KEX: Right. The core KuDOS team consists of two developers, myself (Root); and our SysOps. Usually, I am the one around TG, and SysOps comes by from time to time πŸ˜„

I started learning Solidity a few months after smart contracts were launched at Ethereum. Back then, I was still in school, so I took it just as another new thing to try and learn.

Our SysOps Dev is a pro of IT Infrastructure – he is the wizard responsible for our server infrastructure. When we had our first ICO over at the KuDOS Launchpad, we say enormous volumes, and our servers handled it beautifully, so KUDOS to him πŸ™‚

KuDOS | KEX: We’ve done projects at ETH, BSC, Polygon, and now of course KCC

Drunknarwhal🌸: I’ve seen that mentioned before about your experience with other projects. Are there any you can mention?

KuDOS | KEX: Not yet, we want to first complete the bridge to ETH and eventually Polygon before revealing our other platforms – becase we want to establish interoperability between the platforms. That is, if you already got KuDOS at KCC; you won’t need to buy the native tokens at other chains to use our other tools, and viceversa

KuDOS | KEX: We are also planning a few other collaboration strategies with interesting interchain tokenomics, but those are things we can’t announce just yet πŸ˜„


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Drunknarwhal🌸:Nice and I totally understand. Sometimes it’s best to keep the secret sauce – just that a secret. Looking forward to seeing how all the platforms interact

Drunknarwhal🌸:Oh hey SysOp is here too! Thanks for joining us!

KuDOS | KEX:πŸ˜„ Hey SysOp

Drunknarwhal🌸:One thing that first really jumped out to me when I came across the project is the unique UI you created. What gave you that idea? Big DOS enthusiasts?

KuDOS | KEX:Actually, this was an interesting experiment for us. Our other tools have more typical UIs; but when we decided to launch at KCC, we wanted to go for a fresh new approach. We are computer nerds (obviously), so we always had a soft spot for command line interfaces. We are also kind of old already (30 years old feels like an enternity in Crypto/IT), so of course we also love Retro stuff.

KuDOS | KEX:Because of that, we decided to go for the analogy of running an OS in the chain

KuDOS | KEX:So KuDOS is an OS on which several Apps run

KuDOS | KEX:I see CLI more than my family


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Lol, this is true πŸ˜„

Drunknarwhal 🌸:That’s really cool. I love projects that get creative. I was never great at DOS commands unfortunately

KuDOS | KEX:Haha, now we got KuWIN – the graphical user interface


We quite like it πŸ˜€

Drunknarwhal 🌸:That’s what I was about to bring up next!

Drunknarwhal 🌸:For those who want a different flavor – there is also KuWin. It gives me a lot of nostalgia looking at it.. It’s really impressive all the applications you guys have implemented. I’m using the notepad right now to record this AMA for our blog. Plans to add any more applications to the desktop?

KuDOS | KEX:Ah cool! yes!

KuDOS | KEX:The next app to come is the NFT marketplace. Here we also want to mention that we are working on a partnership with an upcoming NFT project here at KCC

KuDOS | KEX:Besides the NFT marketplace, the next upcoming apps are Games.

KuDOS | KEX:One of them is the previously mentioned 1337 H4xor, the other one is the METAVERSE

Drunknarwhal🌸:Awesome. I think I might know the project based on yesterdays AMA, but we will see! There is a lot of buzz about the NFT Marketplace that’s for sure

KuDOS | KEX:Yep πŸ˜‰

Drunknarwhal🌸:How do you guys pick the newest non-nft games to add? You’ve picked some real classics so far.

Drunknarwhal🌸:I’ve spent probably way too much time playing Doom

KuDOS | KEX:We usually run polls here at the Telegram. The past few days, we haven’t been as active here. This has two reasons – one of them was something we hadn’t discussed yet. Originally, we had intended for 3rd party developers to launch their games at KuDOS. The first one of which was going to be 1337 h4xor. Unfortunately, the developer faced some issues, so he came back to us and said that he cannot continue work on it. So, starting this week, we asked him to provide us the work he was able to do so far, and the core KuDOS team will take over and launch it as an own game soon.

KuDOS | KEX:The other reason was that we are preparing a random number oracle for KCC; this needs to be quite secure, because we want to use it to implement further chance games where you can stake KEX or KUDOS to win KEX/KUDOS back

Drunknarwhal🌸:That’s cool that you are helping take it over so that it can still be pushed out. Can’t wait to see what unique KuDOS touch you add to it.

KuDOS | KEX:Well we are quite supportive of all devs; we know life is never straighforward so we understand when people need our help

Drunknarwhal🌸:I know we’ve talked about a few things so far, but can you go into more detail about what the ever expanding KuDOS ecosystem offers right now?

KuDOS | KEX:Yes, sure

KuDOS | KEX:So far we have implemented our KuDOS and KuWIN interfaces over which our apps run. We already have two off-chain game ports (DOOM and DUKE3D); we also have our New Tokens tool, our Honeypot detection tool (scans new tokens and checks if they are honeypots by automatically buying and selling them).

Then we have, of course our very own DEX (the KEX); which is the basis for our L2 token system. On top of it, we have the KEX token which is our governance token, and our staking pools where you can earn more KEX with different pools.

Besides this, we also have some goodies like the Notepad you mentioned; WinAmp, Solitaire, and so on

KuDOS | KEX:The development of KuDOS and KuWIN took most of our development hours so far, because they are designed to quite accurately simulate complete OSes

KuDOS | KEX:And because of that, we now got a very good technical foundation for the upcoming apps

Drunknarwhal🌸:Those are some nice features for the aping tools, and should help anyone avoid a lot of the mishaps we see in this space. How does a user get access to them?


KuDOS | KEX:Currently, uses need to own KuDOS-KCS LP tokens, details on the requirements for each tier are posted at our MEDIUM. Starting this week, we will also integrate single-stake requirements for premium! That means, you won’t need to stake LP to access our tools.

For the three respective tiers, the requirements will be:

Tier 1 – $300 worth of KUDOS

Tier 2 – $500 worth of KUDOS

Tier 3 – $700 worth of KUDOS

One more thing: For those KUDOS users who have held Tier 3 the whole time since our launch, we are introducing super rare NFTs that will be airdropped to them once our initial Collection goes live.

For Tier 3 users, we will also conduct a random airdrop of rare and super rare NFTs.

Which leads me to another announcement: We are preparing the launch of the initial KuDOS NFT Collection! Procedurally generated NFTs will be complimented with hand-made NFTs by talented digital artists as a celebration of all things IT and Retro πŸ˜„

KuDOS | KEX: Rose is always so helpful πŸ™‚


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To mint our NFT, you will need to spend (burn) KEX or KuDOS – those details will be revealed once the collection hits the shelves

Drunknarwhal🌸:Haha I love you rose. Please don’t kill me in the upcoming robot apocalypse.

KuDOS | KEX:πŸ˜„

Drunknarwhal🌸:Well that’s some great news and something that everyone should enjoy!

KuDOS | KEX:We hope so πŸ™‚

Drunknarwhal🌸:For those unfamiliar with a governance token can you explain what that is a little bit and how that will interact with the KuDOS OS.

KuDOS | KEX:Sure. We are currently testing our governance platform, where you can issue proposals and/or vote on proposals to influence the future of the project. So far, we’ve been running pools via Telegram, but it’s obviously not something that we want to keep on doing long-term.

By holding KEX, you are able to issue your vote for or against a change proposal – and the more KEX you hold, the more powerful your voice is.

Drunknarwhal🌸:That’s great – and it really gives the community a voice

KuDOS | KEX:Our last run poll was related to a proposed change to our Burn and Reflect taxes, we have been waiting to get more participation on it before closing it, because we have noticed TG polls tend to only be seen by people who are on Telegram all day, so that’s a major reason to switch over to KEX voting

Drunknarwhal🌸:I think most people who invest in a project sometimes feel like communication is a one-way street so that is great to hear.

Drunknarwhal🌸:Very true about TG polls and it’s always sad to see the part of the community that might not be on TG regularly miss out on them.

KuDOS | KEX:Yep, we are always keen to hear from the community. Sometimes we get a little silent when we are woking on lots of stuff, and we notice how that makes people nervous. It is unfortunately always a tradeoff between being on telegram 24/7 or doing development work

KuDOS | KEX:We try to keep the balance, but its difficult πŸ˜„

Drunknarwhal🌸:Can you tell us about KEXPad and KEX. What benefits do users get from using your dex vs some of the other guys.

KuDOS | KEX:Yes sure, let’s start with the KEXPad. It is intented for high-quality projects, ideally with KYC. We think KCC in particular doesn’t need the kind of presale where some anonymous developer copy-pasted some buggy smart contract and asks for $200000 to provide 50% of those funds in initial liquidity

KuDOS | KEX:So if you have a look at our pad onboarding formular, you will see its a very exhaustive list of requirements to get your project on it.

KuDOS | KEX:We demonstrated it can handle big (for KCC) presales without an issue – we ran the KEX presale through it

KuDOS | KEX:The KEX DEX is the basis for our multilayer approach

KuDOS | KEX:I mentioned before that we would like to have third party developers launch chain enabled games via KUDOS

KuDOS | KEX:So the idea is to use the KEX to trade all those L2/L3 tokens and do staking with them

Drunknarwhal🌸:That’s great that you are doing project vetting, and should be an even extra layer of confidence for investors in those particular projects.

KuDOS | KEX:Yes. Our DEX is just one of the enabling pieces of the puzzle. Not just one of the miriad of DEXes that have been launched at KCC πŸ™‚

Drunknarwhal🌸:Maybe we can even implement a special icon for those projects on HaiKU!

KuDOS | KEX:Rose needs to relax haha


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Of course πŸ˜„

Drunknarwhal🌸:yeah Rose has no chill

KuDOS | KEX:She does her best haha


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Also regarding the KEX token, I wanted to mention that it is not only useful for Governance. With KEX, you are able to stake to obtain other L2/L3 tokens; buy NFTs, and so on

Drunknarwhal🌸:That’s a lot of use cases

KuDOS | KEX:Yes, of course the main KUDOS token is the ecosystem master; but each L2 token has its specialized use cases

Drunknarwhal🌸:I’m looking forward to staking to obtain some of the other L2/L3 tokens personally

Drunknarwhal🌸:Definitely sounds like KEX is a huge piece of the puzzle. I believe I read that there are even more benefits to KEX based on holdings

KuDOS | KEX:Yes πŸ™‚ We like to incentivize our people to hold; we design our tokenomics to make it more rewarding to have a long-term vision than to handle tokens as short term pump and dumps

KuDOS | KEX,:Of course we cannot stop people from doing silly things, but the model is there to incentivize them to do more long-term planning

Drunknarwhal🌸:Very true!

Drunknarwhal🌸:Anything else you’d like to cover about KuDOS,KEX, or KEXpad that you think users should know? Time really flew by and we have a lot of great user questions that I want to get through.

KuDOS | KEX:Hahaha yes, we had lots to talk about

KuDOS | KEX:Well, I wanted to mention that KuDOS is a very long-term project. If you look at the KEX emmission curve, it will take 5 years to emit the entire supply. So expect us to keep releasing new features and ideas throughout that time period. We are in the excellent position where we can allow us to take time to develop our ideas without having to think about how to pay our bills πŸ™‚

KuDOS | KEX:In the short term, people should expect us to release the 1337 game soon – as I mentioned before, we are taking over from the 3rd party developer to bring the product out soon

KuDOS | KEX:In the medium term, we are excited about our NFT marketplace and our collaboration with an exciting project that is coming to KCC. Also, we are quite excited about our virtual worlds game, The Metaverse

Drunknarwhal🌸:Wow that’s awesome to see essentially a 5 year road map that you’ve thought of.

Drunknarwhal🌸:I knew I was forgetting something – The Metaverse!

KuDOS | KEX:And speaking of Road Map: We have asked our graphic designer to do a nice infographic about our plans, we will post it on our social media and telegram in the coming days

Drunknarwhal🌸:It reminds me a little of Minecraft!


The METAVERSE is a simple idea – you purchase a “land title” NFT, which gives you ownership over a virtual world. Each world is unique, some are procedurally generated, some are hand-made.

KuDOS | KEX:You can trade your land titles with other people, or you can just keep your titles and build anything you want in our worlds

KuDOS | KEX:The game runs on any modern browser using WebGL

KuDOS | KEX:It is unfortunately not compatible with mobile devices (yet) because of the 3D rendering requirements

Drunknarwhal🌸:Wow that sounds really…..Meta

KuDOS | KEX:There is one particular world that we want to release to the public as a sneak peek – this world will always belong to the KuDOS core team and will never be able to be sold


Drunknarwhal 🌸:had to do it

KuDOS | KEX:hahaha πŸ™‚


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The screenshots we show are from this world

KuDOS | KEX:We want people to get a hands-on approach to Metaverse so that they start thinking what kind of awesome stuff they are going to do with their own worlds

Drunknarwhal🌸:I can’t wait to see all the worlds. Sounds like a unique experience for each user!

KuDOS | KEX:Yes, that’s the idea

KuDOS | KEX:Some of them will probably not get much built on, because they will have super rare features such as very high mountains or special materials

KuDOS | KEX:For the less blessed ones, then the building mode will help people increase the attractiveness of their worlds – just some creativity is needed

Drunknarwhal🌸:I think maybe i’ll build a shrine

Drunknarwhal🌸:or something cool like that

KuDOS | KEX:πŸ˜„ it’s all up to your imagination

KuDOS | KEX:The worlds are approximately 2 square kilometers

Drunknarwhal🌸:Well then I guess i am probably out of luck there. I will have to rely on the community!

KuDOS | KEX:I’m excited to see what the community comes up with

KuDOS | KEX:But before we take too long, maybe we should have a look at questions from the community πŸ˜„

Drunknarwhal🌸:Haha yes – that’s something we could probably talk about all day

Drunknarwhal🌸:First question – Any plans to implement a burn mechanism for KEX.

KuDOS | KEX:Yep! KEX is used to obtain NFTs by spending (burning) them. Same applies for KUDOS.

KuDOS | KEX:There are also other mechanisms, such as our on-chain games

KuDOS | KEX:you can bet KEX for the chance to win more KEX from the jackpots

Drunknarwhal🌸:How will interest be calculated for lenders on the $KuDOS platform? On what basis and how will the amount of funds for borrowing be calculated twitter

KuDOS | KEX:On this question I am not entirely sure what it’s meant by lenders – we don’t have any lending programs so far, so it was probably a misunderstanding. The only platform we have so far is staking

Drunknarwhal🌸:I assume they mean staking

KuDOS | KEX:Probably πŸ™‚ well for staking there are fixed weekly emmission rates that are distributed to all stakers – the more you stake the more you earn

Drunknarwhal🌸:Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, is there an audit planned

KuDOS | KEX:Well, no smart contract is 100% secure and even projects where big auditing firms had given their seals of approval got famously compromised. That being said, we are looking into audits for the most sensitive SCs – those related to staking and those powering our games.

KuDOS | KEX:We cannot audit all contracts because we have quite a few, and each audit costs at lest $30000. Since we are funding KuDOS development out of our own pocket, we need to be efficient with resources

Drunknarwhal🌸:That’s great to hear since they will interact on a regular basis with user funds.

KuDOS | KEX,:Yes, we take that quite seriously

Drunknarwhal🌸:Growing projects is a difficult task period – What is the KuDOS team doing to reach as many new users as possible in this space

KuDOS | KEX:Well we do two things- we develop, we develop a lot; and we promote each launched product not as vaporware, but only once they have been released and tested for stability

KuDOS | KEX:We might not be what some people like in crypto – doing lots of pumping based on marketing and hot air

KuDOS | KEX:But we prefer a long-term approach

KuDOS | KEX:It might not be something moonboys like, but this has been our recipe at other chains, and we still think its the right approach at KCC

Drunknarwhal🌸:I agree with the approach. I think right now is a great team to build a very solid foundation.

Drunknarwhal🌸:Which you are doing in spades

KuDOS | KEX:We also had some experiences where we spent $20000 on marketing and nothing happened

KuDOS | KEX:So those experiences have given us some confidence on our approach

Drunknarwhal🌸:Unfortunately I hear that a lot – that’s kind of what motivated us to create haiku.tools . Wanted to create a free platform for new or old projects to spread awareness. Also wanted to provide a place for users new or old in the space to go to find these projects!


[In reply to Drunknarwhal]

Yep, we like haiku a lot

Drunknarwhal🌸:We are all in this together to build the chain – so like I tell people – grab a shovel!

KuDOS | KEX:exactly

Drunknarwhal🌸:How do you think going multi-chain will benefit KuDOS

KuDOS | KEX:Well, we have a very small total supply that will only get ever more limited the more chains we support

Drunknarwhal🌸:Also have you landed on the first chain that will be incorporated or still in planning phase.

KuDOS | KEX:Yes, we have decided on ETH as the next chain

KuDOS | KEX:Yes, we have decided on ETH as the next chain

Drunknarwhal🌸:Will there be an icon on KuWin to swap between the chains?

KuDOS | KEX:Hmm yes/no – KuWIN will automatically take the chain you have set on MetaMask; but it will now indicate it on the Status Bar so you are aware on what chain you are currently working

Drunknarwhal🌸:That’s awesome!

Drunknarwhal🌸:Will Tier rewards scale across both chains?

KuDOS | KEX:The USD value of them will remain the same amongs all chains – what we do is rebalance them to avoid them from getting too expensive

Drunknarwhal🌸:Yeah i’m sure that i’m not the only user that has appreciated the rebalancing you do frequently.

Drunknarwhal🌸:It’s nice to see

Drunknarwhal🌸:Of course I have to ask the ubiquitous question of any plans for CMC or CG listings?

Drunknarwhal🌸:Of course I have to ask the ubiquitous question of any plans for CMC or CG listings?

KuDOS | KEX:Hahaha we applied, yes. We also received some offers to “facilitate” our listing. But we dont believe on such things, so I guess we will have to wait until they decide to list us πŸ˜‰

Drunknarwhal🌸:Haha ah yes the infamous “facilitation” horror stories i’ve heard about it

Drunknarwhal🌸:Last question which is my own – Any thing you’d like to see us implement on HaiKU?

KuDOS | KEX:Oh, that’s a tough one πŸ˜„ I feel you will become the go-to app store for KCC, so I think that would be a very nice development – to have your dashboard of apps for different purposes, with KUDOS on it of course

Drunknarwhal🌸:Great idea. I’m all about adding easier ways for users to locate specific projects so definitely something we can add to the roadmap

Drunknarwhal🌸:Before we end this I also want to announce the winners from the twitter giveaway. They were already announced on twitter, but hopefully they joined the AMA as well. Cryptozambiano was the 1st place winner and augursein is the second. Make sure you are checking your DMs.

KuDOS | KEX:Congratulations!

Drunknarwhal🌸:I want to thank KuDOS and Kucoin News Daily for partnering up with us to make that happen

KuDOS | KEX:Thank you too for the very detailed AMA!

Drunknarwhal🌸:No problem. Thank you and SysOP for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this and a big thanks to the KuDOS community for joining and sending in so many great questions!

KuDOS | KEX:πŸ˜„ Thanks a lot!