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COVIDKunks are here
Mint yours now before the rush
And make yourself rich

COVIDKunks bring the hottest new NFT, COVIDPunks, to the KCC.

COVIDPunks were inspired by the original CryptoPunks. COVIDKunks bring that inspiration to our favourite new chain; KCC.

Being a brand new NFT on a brand new chain means this is a huge opportunity to mint a hot NFT before the crowd.


– Just 1 KCS each
– 10000 total supply
– Stealth fair-launch

Coming soon

– Competition to win free mintings
– Marketplace to buy and sell COVIDKunks

Not associated with CryptoKunks, CryptoPunks or COVIDPunks, we’re simply big fans!

1H 24H 7D
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Total Supply

- COVIDKunks

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