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The Kusama Disk
Operating System and
Ape Environment

KuDOS is KCC’s first integrated Aping Tools Platform, all installed in our KuDOS website! Hold $KUDOS-$KCS LP tokens to access Alpha Hunting Bots, Token Pricing Information, Project Website Hunting Bots, and much more.

Apart from gaining access to our Premium Tiers, $KUDOS-$KCS LP tokens are useful in our upcoming KuWindows dApp — the Layer 2 ecosystem of KuDOS. Here, you are able to farm Layer 2 tokens which also allow you to unlock premium tiers.

The KuDOS DEX (KEX) serves as the Decentralized Exchange for our KuWINDOWS Farming Platform. Additionally, the KEX will be fully integrated with KuDOS’s tooling platform.

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