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Swim with baby sharks
Taxes change based on price impact
Hold to become whale

What is KuBabyShark?

Baby shark, a world renown kids jingle, released in 2016 from Korean Artist PinkFong. Since then it has accumulated more than 8 billion views on the YouTube Platform, becoming the MOST WATCHED VIDEO ON YOUTUBE EVER. KubabyShark is a big part of this shark family and is here present with us in the form of a cryptocurrency project representing its inheritance on the Kucoin Community Chain.

Our Mission

To combine game changing marketing essentials intermingled with the power of Baby Shark fans around the world to make KuBaby Shark $BSHARK a cryptocurrency torch bearer leading the march from the micro to the macro in the financial world. On all buy transactions.

🦈10% fee on all buy transactions
🦈10-40% fee on all sell transactions
🦈50% of tax dedicated to buyback the contract
🦈50% of tax dedicated to marketing wallet
🦈Dynamic Buyback
🦈Static Rewards(2% on each transaction deflected to holders)

1H 24H 7D
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