Kucino Casino


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Just by holding coins
Everyone is a winner
Jackpot could be yours

🎰Hodl KUCINO, Earn KCS!
Earn KCS just by holding the KUCINO token! Claim your rewards every cycle and reap the benefits of compunding!

Holders will earn KUCINO just by holding the KUCINO token, using the famous reflection mechanism!

🎰Claim Rewards, Earn Jackpot bonus!
Every once in a while, a lucky KCS claimer will be rewarded a Jackpot Claim, which will be an amount of KCS significantly greater than their expected earnings!

🎰Hodl 13.37k KUCINO, Earn Satty to KuPOT!
A part of each transaction will also be used to fund The KuPot, where holders drain the KuPOT smart contract’s balance!

🎰Hodl 1M KUCINO, Earn Seat at Re-Roller!
The Elite KUCINO holders with holdings over 1 Million earn unlimited shots at The Re-Roller, our biggest Jackpot with huge KCS payouts!

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