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Fair launch for all buyers
Earn KCS automatically
Launchpad for projects

Decentralized Project Accelerator for the Kucoin community chain
Earn KCS by holding Kupaid!
Earn KCS automatically by Holding Kupaid in your wallet & Early access into projects from trusted and vetted teams on the Kucoin Community Chain!

✅Diligent Vetting
All projects launched through Kupaid must have a usecase, and are subjected to thorough vetting. This enables us to exclusively deliver high quality projects to our community to protect the funds of our investors.

20% of the raised funds from launchpad is reserved and preserved for 7days and this provides an important security measure against theft or loss. We name this ” The refund funds”.

✅Gem Shopping On The Kucoin community chain
Holding Kupaid gives our hodlers the opportunity to shop and gain access to highly hyped projects before their contract is deployed or before their project is launched.

Token Info
🪙Total Supply = 7,777,777 KUPAID
🪙Circulating Supply = 7,777,777 KUPAID
🪙4% KCS Airdrop To All Holders From Every Transaction.
🪙2% Marketing & Buy Back Fee.
🪙1% Burn

Fair Launch, No Presale And No Team Token

1H 24H 7D
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